Wireless providers Smart and Globe Degraded Quality of Service (QOS)

Many months ago, I went all wireless and dropped wired to cut down unnecessary and redundant expenses. First I used Globe’s Visibility stick and after a few months, got myself Smartbro’s version. Signal and performance isn’t much of a problem. What annoys me though is some QOS feature implemented that reduces the quality of one’s browsing experience.

In Globe’s 3G network, they reduce the quality of images you see in every webpage you open. This is to save on bandwidth. A 600kb+ image is often reduced to 90KB. To overcome this reduction of quality, one has to hover its mouse on the image for 2 seconds or more so one gets the full quuality of the image.

I got fed up with the QOS (Quality of Service) and got myself a Smartbro prepaid. Smartbro allowed me to reach as high as 5.5mbps as of this writing (compared to Globe’s 2mbps or less offering) and I seldom have problems encountered … er .. until last weekend.

Smartbro, as of last weekend as far as I can tell, followed Globe’s QOS strategy. Smartbro ins’t that aggresive in reducing an image quality as compared to Globe. However, the quality reduction on the images are very noticeable.

I can understand why they have to implement these QOS features but they should at least disclose it to their customers. I wonder if there are other providers out there that dont mess around the quality of your photos/images. Anyone?


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