A Celebrity Kingfisher

Spotted Wood-Kingfisher
Actenoides lindsayi
Photographed in University of the Philippines, Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines
February 8, 2009

A large, beautiful forest kingfisher known to only be strictly found in the dark canopies and understories of mostly low land forests. This individual unexpectedly showed up almost 2 years ago in the mini forest of UP Diliman in the busy Quezon City. This individual instantly became a celebrity among the local birding organizations as it gamely posed for pictures for hours for several weeks. Bird photography enthusiasts like me came in droves to photograph and see live this rare visitor. It is such a very rare chance to see one wild and alive in its beautiful plumage. I don’t even think even zoos keep one for public viewing.

While this is a welcome visitor of the city, its rare appearance in the middle of a busy metropolis indicates a disturbed habitat for this species. Forests out there are destroyed as we view this.

This kingfisher is endemic to the Philippines … meaning it can only be found in the country. Sightings were only noted in Luzon, Negros and Panay Islands. Labeled once as common, one can rarely see this kingfisher nowadays in our remaining forests.

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2 thoughts on “A Celebrity Kingfisher

  1. i recently found this species on my way out from church mass,happened a vendor was selling it for a mere cheap price. grab it at once so we can personally take care of it. low feathered tail wing on its side was trimmed down by its culprit.. sigh,i think this poor creature are bound to be extinct because of those asshole hunters who make money out of nature’s wonderful gifts to man.. i hope it will recover soon for the king to finally fly again way back to his home..

    • thanks doc! where is your location? good thing you were able to get hold of the bird. how is it now? what are you feeding this bird? it thrives on insects but I am not sure how this bird reacts to being a captive. Is it eating well?

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