Katmai Wish List

As we all know by now, Katmai is the nickname of Yukon’s successor. In my mind, what else could be in that version? But before I jot down my Katmai wish list, I googled and MSN’d the word “katmai” and see if there are some things worth reading at this time.

There was NONE! Hmmm. Redmond must have fixed some plumbing and there are no leaks. Or could it be that the pipes are still dry? Naah. Perhaps Google and MSN just failed to crawl where the leaks are.

But anyways, I have in my mind some things I’d like to see in SQL Server’s post 2005 version that can directly affect things I usually do in SQL Server.

  • Transact SQL Editor Intellisense .. sigh ):
  • Built-in Change Management and Source Control
  • Better presentation of Execution Plan (instead of Graphical and XML)
  • Native Array Data Type
  • TSQL Support on Regular Expressions (like use of RegEx on WHERE and LIKE)
  • Compressed Backups

So far these are the things that I want that can have a big impact on what I do often.

I wonder as to when we start hearing anything about Katmai. Meanwhile, Yukon will keep me busy.


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