What Hinders SQL Server BI’s Adoption?

There was a thread in one of the forums I am subscribed to regarding why SQL Server’s Business Intelligence feature’s adoption in our region is slow to gain steam. Where I belong, SMEs are the biggest of corporations already. Those smaller than SMEs are a lot and they make up most of the businesses. Companies with less than 15 employees are a lot.

So what hinders?

BI is expensive to deploy. For the smaller than SMEs companies, BI is a luxury. Only those big ones can afford to deploy it and use it to the hilt. BI is best separated from the OLTP server so this will require one to setup a new box, buy a license and new things to manage and also a new box to take care of. BI is also resource hungry so one needs a lot of diskspaces and memory plus the muscle to crunch and analyze data and turn them into information. One can have OLTP and BI functionality in one box but both affects each other significantly.

With this in mind, what is left are the big players. Only those DB developers from big companies had the chance to get their hands dirty on BI. I myself only had a hand on it on an experimental level instead of in production. I have proposed this stuff to a few clients who can afford but after knowing what entails to come up with a datawarehousing environment, they would gladly say they will consider it in the future … especially if they are able to live with the reports that we did together with the apps …. only to be burried in oblivion.

This situation also prevents us developers from being exposed to more BI boxes in the workplace since not everybody/customer thinks it is necessary. Now, this is a challenge for us to make justifications for them to take on BI and have at least a meager BI setup. It is also a challenge for us to become involved in the “convincing” phase instead of letting those marketing pitches drown their already overwhelmed minds. Instead of us trying to position ourselves to learning and self-benefit, let us feed the minds of those who pay our salaries and buy our servers and license and finance our playground. I say, let us give them the taste test. We reap what we sow later.


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