When A Problem Becomes An Opportunity

I was following up a very interesting SQL Server database related thread in one of the forums that i am in. It is about a certain unexplainable problem one database developer had encountered that forced him to call it “weird”. The thread has been running for almost a week now and each day, but no one was able to come up with anything that helped him solved the problem. The problem was a sort of ‘the vanishing table structure’. Indeed .. it sounds weird.

I was so interested with the problem that I have to check on it everytime. However, just a while ago, I was a bit dumbfounded to see that he succumb to the problem and decided to reinstall everything without knowing what really triggered the problem.

These are circumstances that I take advatange most. However, I understand that he might need to act on it as soon as possible (perhaps the server is on production or doing some critical task) thus he got no choice but to decide drastically and promptly and have everything reinstalled.

I have a different attitude when things like this happen. I look at it as both a problem and an opportunity. A huge opportunity to learn. These circumstances are not usually replicated and taught by experts and gurus nor it comes out during experimentations in the labs. I always grab the opportunity to learn from the problem as much as I can and try to know what caused it. Now .. all that he can do is to speculate what really happened. Was it an software bug? Was it a setup or a configuration problem? Was it due to user ignorance? Or perhaps carelessness? Now we dont know what really went wrong.

I would encourage everyone to get to the bottom of things before coming up with a desperate solution. The value that can be taken out of the situation is priceless but this is when you graduate from being just an ordinary/average user or developer.

Again … he may be forced to act on it and perhaps he doesn’t have the time and resources to prolong the problem. And that’s ok.


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